07 May 2013

I created a tiny gem to help me out with this blog tonight. It's call QuickMug and it's meant to help me out with uploading images to SmugMug.

When I want to upload an image I can now just run:

quickmug upload ESports.jpg Me playing at a Sc2 tournament

QuickMug will upload that image with the specified caption and then return the following as output:

{% image http://kelsin.smugmug.com/Other/Blog/i-qcn7dTc/0/Th/ESports-Th.jpg http://kelsin.smugmug.com/Other/Blog/i-qcn7dTc/0/L/ESports-L.jpg Me playing at a Sc2 tournament %}

Then if I paste that into my blog (between my custom images tag) I get the following:

  • Me playing at a Sc2 tournament

I also aliased this to qm so it's even easier to use!

Android: Netrunner Decks - Dinosaurus

05 May 2013

I was interested in Android: Netunner since the reimplementation came out. People at work immediately started forming tournaments and game nights around the game and since I love cards games and love the theme I figured I would like it. I immediately bought the core game but didn't find time to learn how to play until the past few weeks.

Since then I've bought every expansion that's out so far and I've had a blast playing against my wife almost every night. Until today I haven't ever played a deck that wasn't a starting deck. While super fun and entertaining... the real meat of the game is making decks. Tonight I finally sat down and created 4 decks (I own 2 core sets so this is easily possible) that I'll be playing for bit to get a feel for some of the expansion cards.

I'll try to make a couple of posts this week showing the decks that I'll be trying.

My wife normally plays runners and loved the idea of dinosaurus so I found a deck online to use. This is the non-starter deck I've gotten to play and so far it's great fun. The idea of tutoring to find the icebreakers you need is awesome and dinosaurus is wicked cute!

Chaos Theory Dinosaurus

First Dinosaurus Desk (40 cards)

Event (23)

Hardware (10)

Icebreaker (4)

Program (3)

Built with http://netrunner.meteor.com

Creating new MySql databases

14 July 2012

I ALWAYS forget how to create new mysql databases... it's horrible. I do this so infrequently which means I also have to google everytime it comes up.

-- First create the database
create database new_database;

-- Then give all privs to the correct user
grant all on new_database.* to username@localhost;

-- Or with privs written out
grant select, insert, update, delete, create, drop, references, index, alter, create temporary tables, lock tables, execute, create view, show view, create routine, alter routine on new_database.* to username@localhost;

I know... simple... but I always forget.

Diablo 3 Inferno beaten as Monk

05 July 2012

So I've been working my way through Diablo 3's Inferno. I got INSANELY lucky during Act 2 of Inferno when I found... well I found the best bow I've ever seen in game period. It sold for 500 mil on the AH and I was able to gear out myself and my wife with some pretty great gear.

Clearly I was making my way through Act2 already but it would have taken a lot of farm without the amazing bow sale. That being said I also probably over paid on some of the gear I bought due tohaving enough money to do so.

The whole time I used this effective health calculator to tune my gear: http://rubensayshi.github.com/d3-ehp-calculator/#intro

In Act 1 I largely used a standard combination strike build. Once I got to act 2 I got way more defensive.

Basically during Act 2 and Act 3 I got a small amount of life per spirit spent on a helm and with that I was able to use Transcendance to heal myself up by spamming the mantra during combat. It worked really really well. Unfortunately enemies started out dpsing my healing soon after (and I started getting more VIT which doesn't help). After Act 3 and Act 4 the "keep your health pool low so that your LoH, heals and LoSS are more effective" didn't work for me anymore so I had to switch it up.

That's when I found Cyclone! This is the build I used in Act 3 and 4.

Cyclone works by making sweeping wind even better. I always liked sweeping wind as free damage that I didn't have to think about while worrying about other stuff from mobs. Cyclone just improves this by a ton. This build (leaving the DPS to Cyclone and improving my LoH with thunder strikes) got me through Diablo.

There are packs in Act 4 that I had to skip... stupid Oppressors and Subjegators, and I need to go back and beat it solo (did it with my wife) but I'm very happy with where my monk is now.

There are two things on the monk todo list now:

2H: I want to try out some 2h builds. I love the look of the Diabo's and I want to buy one while they are still cheap (if some of our damage abilities get buffed they might not be cheap for long).

Clear ALL THE THINGS: I want to improve life and spirit regen so that I have a good chance of beating these Act 4 packs.

Finally playing again

19 April 2012

This past week I've finally started playing sc2 again. I started with 4v4's winning all 5 placement matches (placing into Diamond) and then losing my first real game tonight. The game I lost was a 3v4 though so I don't feel that bad about it.

Today was a big day though: I finally started playing 1v1 tonight! I decided to start playing random on ladder which is a very scary thought. I queued up as random for my placement matches (I guess if enough seasons go by you DO have to fully place again which is cool) and of course I got zerg 4/5 times and won 3/5 times. The last game was as a zerg vs a terran and I lost to pure marines + medivac. I never made infestors like always! Darn me.

The next game (as a real platinum now) was Protoss where I lost HORRIBLY and then as Terran where I lost again.

I then decided that this was a dumb idea. Playing random won't work cause my MMR is way too high as Terran and Protoss and I don't like just losing flat out each game when I random them so I'm going to play only Terran and Toss for a while until I get (or stay) in platinum enough to feel like I belong there. Then I can start actually playing random and not feel like 1 race is above MMR and 2 are below. This will let me get the 25 win achievements with each race too which will be cool.

I got angry after I played vs the terran but I calmly decided that not making infestors was the largest mistake to fix and kept playing. Losing a bunch as Terran and Protoss helped me calm down as well.

I can't wait to play more but for now it's WAY to late and I need to sleep!